Freight Forwarder / Cargo Agent Portugal

Freight Forwarder / Cargo Agent Portugal

Transitário Portugal (TP) – Transport and Logistics Group in Portugal
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Cargo Agent in Portugal (Freight – Shipping – Logistics)

The freight forwarders in our group are divided into portuguese freight forwarders and international freight forwarders, who provide wide services in the national and international transport area, for all types of freight and merchandise, for business customers and even for individual customers, always with a caring and personal service, with the maximum strictness and professionalism.

Rely on a team of highly qualified professionals who organize and plan your cargo needs with shipping agents, airlines, trucking and distribution and logistics companies.

Our agents in the national territory can provide services any portuguese region, in any truck terminal, port or airport.

A freight forwarder operates in the cargo transportation market, it is a legal entity or company that organizes the transportation of cargo for both individuals or companies working in the most diverse commercial activities in order to carry out the distribution with maximum efficiency. Using a variety of modes of transport including ships / boats, airplanes, trucks, train and TGV, and in most cases by container. For example, the freight forwarder can arrange for cargo to be moved from a production plant to a warehouse, airport or container terminal, with door-to-door deliveries when necessary.

Freight forwarders deal mostly with international shipments and subsequent local warehousing and distribution services. They have deep knowledge of the world of transportation and the preparation and processing of shipments and documentation and execution of sea, air and land freight.

Forwarders also take care of reviewing bureaucratic and legal aspects such as commercial invoices, shipper’s export declaration, bill of lading and other documents required by the carrier or the country of export, import and / or transhipment. Much of this information is nowadays processed with resources to innovative technological means, without resorting to paperwork.

The freight forwarders also count on the indispensable cooperation of the customs agents, who are authorized to legally act with customs throughout the world.

Our group is composed of all types of transport agents and therefore acting internally, we will be able to offer our services in all areas of transport, always with the need of intervention of a forwarding agent in case a full service is necessary of cargo transportation anywhere in the country, mainland Portugal or islands. We can highlight the freight forwarders in Porto and freight forwarders in Leixões.

At the international level, we have freight partners in almost all countries and cities in the world, but with our own agents in strategic locations with closer relation to national cargo, among which: Spain (Vigo, Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia) , France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium (Antwerp), Netherlands (Rotterdam), United Kingdom, Ireland, India, China. Hong Kong, Angola (Luanda), Mozambique (Maputo), Cape Verde (Praia City), Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau, South Africa, United States, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, among others …

Cargo Shipment
Logistics and cargo organization, with emphasis on container shipments, both FCL and LCL.

Air Cargo, Land Transport and Ocean Shipment
Transport by plain (air); by truck (road), train (rail) and by boat/vessel (sea).

Freight Forwarder – Services
Trust the organization of transport to highly experienced professionals.

Portugal and Abroad
Forwarding agents, customs brokers, shipping agents and both national and international airlines.

Import and Export
Freight customs clearances handled by official customs broker, cargo clearances and customs procedures.

Sea Ports and Airports
Lisbon, OPorto, Matosinhos, Leixoes, Sines, Setubal, Faro (Algarve) and the islands, Sao Miguel (Ponta Delgada) – Azores, Funchal (Caniçal), Porto Santo – Madeira.